Farm Tour Experience

Disconnect to Reconnect

When was the last time you connected with Mother Earth? Or the last time you let yourself feel the wind through your hair, or  indulged yourself with a stroll amidst lush greens?

Ride on a bicycle along the traffic-free roads, while feasting your eyes on the profuse, and untouched, flora and fauna. Dig your fingers into the soil and relive your childhood days when you used to play in those muddy puddles. Your children also need to experience those simple pleasures of life, while chasing butterflies!

It’s the best way to connect with Nature, and understand how much we have our Mother Earth to thank for.

Welcoming you all to enjoy the open sky as you sit under the ‘Pilkhan’ trees, and grab a bite to eat.

Learn Gardening

Learn what it takes to grow seasonal vegetables and pick up important tips on how to grow them from our team. Children and adults are given baskets and shears to cut or pull out veggies from the soil directly and get close to Mother Nature in the process.

Pot a Plant

We invite all children to prepare a mix of soil and manure with their own hands and sow a sapling in a flower pot with the help of our Maali Bhaiyas. They are then encouraged to take the pot home, water and nurture it with love and care and hopefully grow it into a proper plant.

Pick your Own Fruit

The orchards laid out at Sabz Bagh boast almost 9 kinds of fruit trees,. Most of them are in ripening stage in the winter months and it is great family-fun activity for complete families to pick their own fruit like Keenows and Mausamis directly from the trees.

Butterfly Garden

While we are no experts, we have tried our best in creating an environment of host plants where butterflies lay eggs, as well as flowering plants for their nectar needs. You can see some of them in action, in season. You can learn more about these beautiful, magnificent but undervalued creatures and the value they so relentlessly create!

Animal Sanctuary

Kanav is a sensitive and caring soul who is extremely fond of, and likes to be around animals. It has long been a desire of his to create a ‘sanctuary’ for animals where they could reside in relative comfort after their time was done. All animals in the sanctuary are ‘rescued’ animals. We want all guests to realize the importance of being sensitive to these voiceless souls. Come, feed them, spend time with them and enjoy their company.


When was the last time you cycled? They say that you never forget to cycle if you have done it once in your youth. We have ample space for you to indulge yourself and revive childhood memories. All in peace and quite – with no horns at your back pushing you off the road!

Jhoola Bari

We have created an exclusive area for the children to enjoy all kinds of swings, merry-go- rounds, slides and trampoline. Adults have an opportunity to revive their childhood memories as well.

Bird Watching

With trees, shrubs and greenery all around, Sabz Bagh is a virtual botanical garden – all making for an ideal haven for countless bird species that have made Sabz Bagh their home. Common ones to spot here are the Peacocks, Drongo, Barbet, Thick-Knee, Dove,

Chill Zone

Enjoy quality picnic time with the family. All under the shade of our majestic Pilkhan trees. A facility like no other. Be mindful of the fact that you do not litter after you and teach the children this good habit as well.


Trampolines are a novel idea and so much fun. You have seen children scream with glee as they jump, somersault and tumble all over. Let your child enjoy his own acrobatic movements on our new Trampoline. A net all around ensures your child’s safety as well.

Obstacle Course

Your child may not be joining the Indian Army yet, but we going to give him an early taste of it! An excellent opportunity to test their balance, motor skills, flexibility & coordination on our organic materials, self-designed Obstacle Course. Young ones to be supervised by parents please.

Table Tennis / Badminton

Remember your childhood days when life moved in the slow lane? As modern times provide fewer opportunities for these activities in our modern times, relive those early days at our new facilities specially prepared for visitors. Try pitting your skills against the competence of the younger generation.

Food & Beverage

While you are welcome to bring your own picnic basket, we recommend you give yourself a break from kitchen duty for a change! Some homemade meals in a rustic style. All because we can serve you a mix of Indian & Continental offerings, along with healthy beverages – served hot, fresh and organic as far as possible.