Our Journey


Mr. Iqbal Chand Khurana, fondly known as NanaJi, was a man who was jovial, full of life and known for his art of story-telling. Born and brought up in Pakpattan, a small town in present day Pakistan, he established himself in Delhi in his early days.


Many years later, his grandson Kanav Ahuja, has taken upon himself the responsibility of converting the land into something of value with diverse flora & fauna, permaculture and native trees. Without any formal education in agriculture, it is just pure passion and drive in him that have come together to make a change. The farm is named ‘Sabz Bagh’. The origin of the word is Persian which most closely means ‘that which is endearing or enchanting.’


Today, we are ‘custodians’ of the land that is being maintained organically. There is zero use of chemical pesticide or insecticide, and we are proud of it. We strive to make this an environment-friendly, self-sustainable project that is regenerative in nature. The aim is to encourage young and old visitors to come and partake off the land – for vegetation, recreation and education. It gives us immense pleasure to see the present generation pluck ripe fruit from the Keenow trees or pull out  fresh carrots, beetroots and radish from the ground and get their hands dirty in the soil…


It is our keen desire to create in our young visitors a genuine love for Mother Nature! To try and imbibe in them values, principles and care for the environment and ecology. To find a balance of human existence which is in conjunction with the way nature intended us to coexist with it. To inculcate all this in our younger generation of today, who would be flag-bearers of our planet Earth in times to come…