Friends of Sabz Bagh

Our Team

Mr. Khurana had set up the farm some 35 years ago and some of the Maali Bhaiyas have been with us for past more than 25 years. They know the early days and have seen the farm evolve over time. They have observed, learnt and adapted – moving from chemicals to present-day no-chemical organic insecticide methods, use of drip irrigation, adapting latest agricultural methods of shallow-tilling instead of deep tilling and mulching. Young men who started work in the early days are today with families of their own – whose children we have helped educate, and today see them get married. It is a satisfying experience. They are our family and we are proud of them!

Our Guests

An idyllic location for spending time amidst nature during winter months. Children can play on swings, tackle an Obstacle course, feed animals and cycle around with no traffic or horns behind them! At the same time, can harvest fresh fruit and vegetables with the help of Maali Bhaiyas and enjoy a picnic with their parents to end a memorable day.